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DC Legends Manual Guide & Reviews

DC Legends cheats

The DC Legends game is now officially available in the German Play Store. Collect heroes, train them, and destroy with them the army of the Manhunters. Use their special and individual abilities. The games of this kind are well received by the players, have already proved other games like Mutants . With a small team, which can be put together individually before each fight, attackers are put to flight or sometimes not. In the campaign, the most diverse film heroes face increasingly heavy waves. Soon the opponents can no longer be defeated without the right strategy and, above all, the right heroes.

Playing is always alternating. Your chosen heroes appear on the left side of the screen and the opponents on the right. When one of them is touched, one of your heroes will fire. This attack, however, remains unanswered and the Manhunters fire back. These fights are accompanied by beautiful animations. It is also the perspective changed and the exploding opponent shown. Also pay attention to the color of the arrows above the opponents’ heads. These will show you how effective the hero is with each opponent.

With each battle, you collect resources that can then increase the values ​​(Strength, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence, and Hitpoints). Also the super powers and equipment can be improved. Once you reach level 10, the ghost arena is available. In this case, you are no longer playing against the Manhunters, but the heroes of other players. A little earlier, from level 3 onwards, you can use the Essence Collection, which offers always the free essences. From level 15 onwards, you can also participate in live events and earn your reward.

New heroes do not grow on the trees. You need heroic items, which you can buy as a reward or an in-app purchase. With these the desired heroes can be unlocked. Look at the values ​​and abilities.


DC Legends Cheats is available as a free download for iOS and Android. On annoying advertising inserts was renounced, which unfortunately is not always the case with free freemium plays. Since every game costs energy and after a few battles is used up, additional energy can be bought with real money. If you do not want to play for hours, you should be able to get on with the self-recharging energy.

In-app purchases can be purchased in-game currency. This can be used both for the establishment and expansion as well as for the exchange in essence. In the Packs pack, there are packages with heroic fragments that will make you more quickly come to new heroes.

In the first impression I like the game very well. The graphics are very nice and up to a few micro-joggers everything runs smoothly on my note 4. The extent is already enormous now. How much you can play without an endlessly long wait and without real money will show up.

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