8 May

Destiny prepares the return of its most played competitive side

Although in the PvE mode Destiny may not be the most complete game, the same can not be said of the competitive branch. The so-called PvP of the Activision and Bungie FPS offers all kinds of modalities for players who want to deal with other users.

Among the most beloved we have the Iron Banner, for many the zenith of the work in terms of competitive modes. Those Guardians who would miss this temporary event are in luck. From next May 9 you will be able to immerse yourself again in intense battles with large rewards in between.

“Bring your skills and appetite for good booty. Not only does your Light count, you will also use it as a weapon more than ever on the Iron Standard. Form a squad and present yourself at Felwinter Summit, “Bungie details through the update of the turn made on the web of the game. As we said above, the event will start on May 9 at 19:00 Spanish time and will conclude on the 16th of the same month at 11:00.

As for Destiny 2, the next title of the franchise, next May 18 Bungie will show in detail the game. This time it will do so much in the version for consoles like PC with which a complete gameplay is expected.

A few weeks ago we knew the confirmation of Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as PC . With a release scheduled for September 8, Bungie’s work lands for the first time on compatible, will it live up to expectations?

From Activision have wanted to emphasize that the computer users will have all the options that would be expected for a title to the height. This has been made known by Eric Hirshberg , CEO of the American company. “We are committed to providing meaningful features tailored to the community”; He commented.

In fact, Eric himself quotes PC gamers next May 18, when the title will be shown for the first time playable and quite possibly also in the computer version. “I am very excited about what we have to show them, but I will leave the title details for our event, we have exciting announcements by then,” he adds

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