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How the Pokémon GO Bot

Pokémon GO Bot

Although it is only out for a month, it looks like the Pokémon GO bots are already destroying the game mechanics behind this huge success, allowing cheaters (the old “barons” in the popular sense of the term and negative) to overcome in success, skill and power players who spend dozens of hours of their free time to Pokémon GO, against the few afternoons necessary to achieve the highest levels simply leaning on a Pokémon GO bot.

It is an old problem at least as are the video games themselves: since the times of the NES (the first console in the most modern sense of the term, even if the various and numerous Pong console appear to be even more dated) the legendary Game Genie, a plastic structure to stick to the base of the cartridge, allowing you to change the statistics and use codes to alter the gameplay of Super Mario and Castlevania. If then the only consequence could be a true-false score to show pride to their friends on Thursday afternoon, today the tricks (as are the GO bot Pokémon) threaten to destroy the entire ecosystem of a security tied to balances and fair play as a patient to their life support system.

But how do these Pokémon GO bot? What are the consequences of using them? Are you ready to find out? The GO bot Pokémon are nothing but automatic programs set to perform mechanical actions, precise and governed by a series of codes and instructions, selected by the user, but compiled by third-party developers.

How do the Pokémon GO bot

There are various and different GO bot Pokémon, each of which aims to become the best in its class; however, substantially are linked by a single operating system, which is based on a sending false coordinates to servers Niantic (on the basis of fake-GPS which were used in the early days of release of the game) that simulate the movements of a player in the meat and bones.

Initially GO bot Pokémon require the user entering longitude and latitude (as well as illustrates in detail the site ArsTechnica ) for identifying a starting point the center of their city of belonging can be a good start as well as the username and password to your account. Once you have this basic information, the Pokémon GO bots begin to move slowly, step by step, along the map of your city by periodically sending GPS coordinates to simulate a walk at a speed that would be likely to (little) attention Niantic server (therefore around to 30Km / h ).

Taking advantage of a tunnel in the Pokémon entry system the same which allows users to use app like PokéMesh GO bot Pokémon move the user’s avatar in the most appropriate way to catch rare Pokémon, while helping to open up eggs, conquer gyms and use tools Fortunuovo first of all to increase the level as fast as possible and get stronger and stronger so wild Pokémon. The capture phase is simply a detail: here too just know jousting between the Pokémon GO API and the game ( lp ) is made.

First, we must point out a big disparity between app as PokèMesh and tools such as bot Pokémon GO : while the former represent a support for the coaches that facilitates the gameplay, but it does not benefit the user availing itself nor forbid him to travel kilometers of road to catch a particularly rare Pokémon, in the second case it is a real trick, used to the detriment of honest players.

The results speak for themselves: the ArsTechnica tests pointed out that in a single afternoon the GO bot Pokémon has been able to reach level 15, gaining 50,000 experience points ; It is saying that the continued use of this bot would allow for a few nights to reach the highest peaks of the world rankings. A danger that does not concern then a simple ranking system, but also the internal equilibrium: GO bot Pokémon are programmed to catch Pokémon of the highest statistics ( stamina, speed, Battle Points, Factor IV… ) and are able to attack the gyms of the other teams in total autonomy.

Matthew Ford, designer and avid player, accuses Pokémon GO bot to “break” the game system, as against a bot you can not win a battle in the gym. This means that ” no means no battle purchased potion, and no reason to reflect on what Pokémon level up”.

The creators of bots Pokémon GO are aware of the imbalances that will be (and are) helping to create? Apparently yes, and do not give a damn : Noor Farhani, of Necrobots developer, he said that his Pokémon GO bot has been created for ” educational reasons “, and intends in this way increase the level of enjoyment to those who can not afford it (as, for example, those in rural or isolated areas). It is hardly a motivation disagrees with Niantic has shown that it is much easier to delete a Pokéstop that add but are less acceptable shrug made in front of hundreds of thousands of users who have already downloaded Necrobots.

If to these we add the tens and hundreds who instead have chosen PidgeyBot, PoketBuddy and so probably talking we reach and pass the half million cheaters.

What are the risks involved in using the GO Bot Pokémon?

Those who use the Pokémon GO bot runs really risk? This is the question that honest players are placed observing the blatant impunity with which cheaters can afford to continue to win gyms, capturing Pokémon and so on. True, Niantic in the days following the first release had distributed a large load of softban (temporary suspension from the game), but the victims were as surprised unwary players to move from Hong Kong to Paris in three minutes thanks to a GPS faker. So how about Ingress, even on Pokémon GO the cheater of the reporting process is really difficult : not only must be extremely sure that the suspect is really cheating, but rather that is one of the hardcore fans who flock to the news pages (black, more what else), but you have to pray and hope for Niantic take borne signaling.

The Niantic monitoring services occur on a user’s playing time, the capture rate of each Pokémon, but they have limited skills. And we all remit, both users and developers.

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