8 May

NBA Live Mobile: impressions, tricks and tips

nba live mobile

One of the sports that most passion raises around the world, and especially in the United States, is basketball . This country also has the best league in the world: the NBA , which has the best players and teams in the world. Undoubtedly, the incentive to have the license of this sport competition is of great importance for any video game developer, as shown by Electronic Arts with the game in this post.

And is that NBA Live Mobile is, without any doubt, a very good video game of basketball for mobile devices; And we dare say it is one of the best sports games on the platforms of iOS and Android. Next, let’s show you a series of tricks and tips for this game, in addition to telling you our impressions from the point of view of a game analyst and a basketball fan.

To start talking about NBA Live Mobile, we must say that it is a free-to-play game , that is; Free, but with the possibility of micro-transactions. These range from € 1.99 to € 99.99. In this game we will have to choose a team from the competition and try to take it to the top : a classic premise but not often easy to carry out, and NBA Live Mobile manages to do so, although it needs improvement in some aspects.

The reason why NBA Live Mobile achieves this goal is that, supported by a playable enough interesting proposal that we will detail later, invites us to improve our team with so-called “Live Events” free of charge; And the auctions, to redeem the rewards we get for our victories and sell the players that we consider not to fit into our team.

These “Live Events” will allow us to play online by turns (two rooms each against the CPU) in front of other people. They are entertaining games because they have the tension of not knowing what the other player is doing. In addition, we will have challenges like going back in two minutes a disadvantage of five points, etc.

Now, the problem that NBA Live Mobile has and that it shares with many other games, is that it is complicated to advance without making use of the micro-transactions, which hinders the normal development of the game. But going directly to the game playability, we find a powerful game graphically speaking, with lots of animations for many players and a very good sound.

We see that we have a few control buttons, besides the joystick to move the player: in attack we can penetrate to basket to sprint, pass the ball or throw . For the shots, we will have an indicator that we will have to stop at the exact moment to make a good throw to basket.

In defense, on the other hand, we will only have one button to plug the rival launches and another to mark the rival player that carries the ball that must be kept pressed at all times. In conclusion, from the playable point of view, we believe that NBA Live Mobile Hack is a very good title and it has enough potential to be the best sports game in the whole mobile panorama.

Impressions from an amateur’s point of view

To explain what we think of NBA Live Mobile from the point of view of a basket-lover we will focus only on the gameplay of the title. The biggest problem we see in this title is the omission of certain key mechanics in real life matches, since in NBA Live Mobile there are no free throws nor can we just commit fouls.

This makes it much harder for the game to convey the same sensations as real basketball , especially in the last quarter of a very even match, in which it tries to stop the chrono as it is to try to come back. Beyond that, NBA Live Mobile is an entertaining game for all types of people who enjoy this sport in the least and that, with a duration of only eight minutes each game, can be a good option to play a quick game.

To end this post, we are going to give you a series of tricks and tips that we have been really useful when it comes to playing NBA Live Mobile. The first of these is that, if at any point in time you are marking a rival player, you are in trouble to keep possession with your pressure, press the push button repeatedly to steal the ball. Secondly, we recommend that when choosing your lineup, you choose your quintet “Shooters” , to increase your chance to score track shots, both two or three points. Finally, if you see that in a certain game you win by a minimum difference and there are very few seconds of game, you hurry possession until the last moment , since artificial intelligence will not commit any foul and it will be very difficult to steal the ball.

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