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Nioh: A worthy heir to the Dark Souls

Nioh review

Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei did everything right. Development Nioh started already in 2004, but the game pretty quickly got into the same “development hell”. Yet today, 13 years later, she left. Nioh looks fresh and relevant, it is absolutely not read all these years of complex development. And all because at some point it just redesigned from the ground, leaving only the basic concept of the original ideas. Here is how you must deal with long-term construction. But what in the end is like a game?

Video games have long grown up. Today, it is a complex art, the result of joint work of musicians, writers, artists and programmers. Games raise important questions, speak on socially important topics and sometimes reject its very foundation the gameplay.

All this is fine, but it becomes more valuable projects, not to forget their roots, putting it at the center of the gameplay, using all the other elements in order to strengthen it. This is how NIOH . This is primarily a game, it is pretty mundane sensations here interesting swinging a katana and cut through demons in half. It would be interesting and outside of any context, but how quickly such entertainment would be tired? We’ll talk a lot about mechanics, disassemble, how the game works and feels. But do not forget that in many ways it is thanks to the story, carefully reproduced Japanese mythology, music and the fine work of artists and designers not bother to wave rolled over the 70 hours and that are required to complete the walkthrough.

Nioh often called a clone of Dark Souls, but it is too bold statement. Games may seem like the first few hours as long as you have not forgotten how samurai art and will not start to actively use the racks. In general, the soul stands Nioh combat system: a high for the slow but powerful strokes, lower for lightning, but weak attacks, middle, of course, a balanced option. It strikes me not only the character, but the way he goes from enemy attacks from the heavy shoals, as in of Dark Souls , to rapid jerks in Bloodborne .

Some opponents so quickly alternate attack that answer to them can only be of a low rack. Others receive significant damage from only the most powerful strokes. This is only the most simple examples. Sometimes it does, and in the most impact animation. That is rolled in a high rack hero cuts from top to bottom when run into spiders and “zombie” crawling on the ground, this attack will be so helpful. But choose a rack for a particular enemy this is only basis, more often you will meet enemies with such a rich a set of attacks that stands should be changed directly in combat. This is especially true bosses.

Another pillar Nioh combat system that distinguishes it from the Dark Souls the energy of “ki”, then replacing endurance. Just one caveat is changing the dynamics of battles if the character has spent all the energy and punch missed, for a couple of seconds, he will be stunned and is available for finishing moves. Critical damage, of course, provided you do here in the complex, is not it?

Because of this particular duel is often turned into a hunt not for health, namely endurance: try to knock the enemy off balance, to inflict maximum damage with a single blow. It turns tense and exciting, especially in the battles with the restless spirits who can be summoned on the spot death of other players it was they who set the heat.

There is one more nuance: clicking a special button after a series of attacks, you can recover a significant portion of ki that this technique is to learn to use as soon as possible. At the first level it seems stupid, but closer to the middle of the game, believe me, you without it will be very “uncomfortable.” In addition, thus retarding the hero dispels the aura that periodically create demons. Many bosses, and enemies of the ordinary, being in this aura, instantly restore stamina keep in mind. In time to deal with the nasty aura is often more important than the knock out enemies spirit.

In mechanics Nioh felt heritage Ninja Gaiden the game legitimately called role-slasher. In Dark Souls combat system is decomposed into a combination of light blows that the hero could be applied one after another endlessly, while endurance is not over, heavy and unique for a particular type of weapon “charged” attacks.

Grabbing the katana and started pounding on the light attack button, you quickly discover that the hero is not just waving it, and makes the combination, which happens at the end of a tiny pause, opening it to attack the enemy it is necessary to take into account. The classical scheme of “a series of light and heavy attacks at the end of” works too, but first you need to learn a couple of samurai skills and discover some new combinations. To do this, you just need to effectively use the selected weapon, trained in the dojo and find on special items level.

So in mechanics added a ton of new features: vile kicks at the end of a combo, sharp stun attacks straight from the protective rack, parry, counter-attacks, withdrawal from the blow behind the enemy Nioh turns into a complex and very “tactical” slashers. It requires immense attention and concentration, any mistake can cost a life hero killing here usually with two or three strokes, even if the hero is clad in heavy armor.

To all this system, add another and Ninjutsu magic ommёdo. These techniques make it possible to produce and use in battle shuriken, kunai, slowing enemies thorns and poisonous bombs, mascots, confer weapon elemental forces even a fire and electric balls William, if desired, can shoot at enemies. All this stuff will be restored at the altars (the local equivalent of the fires Dark Souls).

Path magician and ninja and only supplement the basic mechanics, but make it so significant that in the dojo they own learning and testing. Yes, and they are pumped in separate Tree skills. Application technology Sea. The same shuriken cause little damage, but the great enemy pottachivayut endurance and fireballs can burn the enemy for a long time to hang up on him burning effect. Beat the game without using jutsu, of course, possible, but when the full game will be PvP (now there are only enough working COOP ) It will reign in ninjas and wizards, you’ll see.

The last layer of complex combat game mechanics weapons. It is here eight types: katana, kusarigama (Spit and sinker, connected chain), spears, axes (these are the same and hammers), twin katanas, bows, guns and arquebuses. Ranged weapon in the game is not being used as the main is too small, you can carry ammunition. But on melee weapons each must be studied separately, to master all types in a single pass is simply impossible.

The feel of the passing game with Catania and with the ax are radically different. It’s not only the unique sets of attacks, but also that different weapons work well in different situations. Huge enemies easier breaking hammers and axes, and the crowd trivia conveniently dismiss kusarigama or spear. Be prepared to be provided periodically in a situation where your opponent is “locked up” is not under the kinds of weapons that you use will have to conquer.

The beauty of the game is that it does not make immediately understand all the nuances of mechanics, study guides and tips are not necessary. It is hard to describe, but you just play NIOH, pass level after level, and gradually he is drawn into all the details. You start to shuffle the rack, is learning ability Jutsu suitable for your style of play, to develop their own tactics against bosses and enemies.

But to reach it will first have to suffer. What do you think? Nioh is much more complex than any of the parts of Souls series, even Bloodborne was given to me easily. Here and ordinary opponents often comparable in complexity with the bosses of the other slasher. And so do the bosses themselves a test for the patient. From the first time almost none of them impossible to kill. It is necessary to die, and to remember the attack phase, to check the vulnerability and think over tactics. In general: it is difficult, painful, but honestly for the entire game was no more than two times that I did not die on the fault.

In this regard, the game a little bit out of steam only in the last level, are increasingly slipping under the guise of the bosses are not Japanese yokai monsters and other samurai, but with a set of unlockable cheat attack. And in turn the need to kill seven bosses on the last level perhaps too much.

And from the nearest altar to the boss to the boss all the time necessary to run through a crowd of enemies that’s really Nioh borrowed from Dark Souls. How, indeed, and all design locations. Open World in the game, William in his travels even walk through the six regions of Japan, and even in England caught a glance and these developers are justified.

But when the card of the games From separated and cut into individual levels it will just Nioh. Locations are also huge, multi-level and intricate. But by examining them constantly open up new sections, so that the closer to the final level, you can run out of its first end to the altar for a couple of minutes.

More importantly, all these mazes nice (as far as this word is applicable to such a generator of suffering) to investigate. But the motivation for this is still lower here than in the Souls-games. There’s a desire to climb round every nook and cranny of the map based on three points: the beauty-seed (often specific) search for unique loot, and just opening shortcuts to run on the same card had often did not have to do without truncation.

In Nioh only admiration remains from this list. It is often necessary to travel the real historical places and looking at them really entertaining: the traditional Japanese architecture, bamboo groves oriental color looks very cool. Sometimes, of course, it has to be worn and “darksoulsnym” caves and cellars of castles, but it does not happen too often. As for the rest: all open-door shortkarty level after the restart again closed and unique loot in the game is almost there the game generates items like Diablo, and they were falling literally from every enemy.

The goal is to level always the same to get to the boss and kill him. The side-quests going on about the same thing: you have to either pereprohodit story location with new challenges (ie, bosses or enemies to kill), or run on a special card, which only appear in pobochki. Doing this is otherwise you closer to the final, and two steps of the altar to move can not. So, perhaps, it is worth noting if the basic mechanics have not hooked on the game you will be except that languish.

However, it is important not only as a hack, but someone. Nioh entirely based on Japanese mythology and cut into pieces you will be harmful creatures from the traditional beliefs of the rising sun. The developers approached the issue responsibly and many mythical creatures moved the game in great detail and corresponds to “character”, and appearance. But where Team Ninja gave myself go, it turned out quite a authentic. Nioh makes important thing awakens interest in those new foreign culture. Yes, and local bestiary looks cool artists and designers gave it excellent. Details of Japanese myology and its reflection in Nioh I already told in a separate article .

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