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Rayman Legends Review: Legend is back with a new adventure

Rayman Legends

Platformer type games are not usually my top when I think of what I would like to play if I have free time available. Maybe because it involves a controller, and as players prefer PC mouse and keyboard. Perhaps because through various “maze” with no important purpose besides not being burned, drowned, crushed or eaten by a monster does not really attract me. Maybe it’s hard to take seriously such games at the moment when the market seems to more than the realistic graphics of intelligent design. That is, until I grabbed Rayman Legends.

Rayman Origins for direct sequel, Legends introduces us to Rayman in an attempt to save the Glade of Dreams attack nightmares that will not let the occupants to peacefully nap. Pal Globox and Princess Barbara and give them a helping hand after some time, but any other claim narrative disappears, except for brief cinematic moments that sometimes remind us that we are on the trail of “boys” bad. Eventually, the whole premise is out of your mind how good, and the entire game takes place in a tent full of paintings that draw you inside them to save some bizarre creatures and blue teensies.

Legends is probably one of the most beautiful 2D games. It’s actually the first thing people notice as soon as you enter the first world in distress. The design does not cease to surprise levels along six main worlds, each divided into many more. Levels with lower levels embedded in them, drew a more sympathetic than another. Rainforest, desert, seemingly calm waters, castles and underground full of spiders and even an area made cakes that need to eat in order to advance.

It’s hard to believe that such variety could catch and do not năuceşte, but Legends successfully combines not only the color and design, but also music with gameplay. Most songs are adapted to the game, all licensed, but slightly modified to give life to the dream world that must evolve. You and fight bosses, but perhaps the most controversial move of the gameplay is Murfy. How the game was originally released only for Wii U port required some modifications involving and green flying bug said.

PC, automatically moves Murfy areas of interest (platforms to be moved, string cut of carnivorous plants punched between the eyes, tickle monsters) and the action of opening advance in level. On the other hand, there are few occasions when he must move simultaneously on Rayman and Murfy, difficult issue when you play by yourself. Moreover, levels of Murfy proved to be by far the most irritating, highlighting that Legends is a cooperative title in its essence. A gamepad control is a sine qua non for Legends. The scheme is simple, elegant, even with Murfy into the equation, but you must have dexterity. Some levels are timed and the wall of fire behind you is a very strong motivation to take it to the race.

On the other hand, your goal is the liberation of the blue creatures, and the speed of some of the levels you by surprise and you have two options. Either kill yourself to resume action at a checkpoint, now warned about the area where the creature or finish the level and replay it completely with strict focus on items missed. None of these solutions seem extraordinary in the longer term, even though perfectionists will be motivated not only by collecting blue creatures, but also bright bugs (Lums) offered the post of in-game currency.

Each world is inspired by a story (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, legends of Olympus) and has a central mechanical are reduced by a trumpet magic slip or float through special air currents. Personally, the more I appreciated the dark waters dotted by surveillance and mythical lightning from Olympus, next to the labyrinth of the Minotaur. And to relax a little things, fights with bosses (not very difficult) followed one lap music, a level where you have to move to the rhythm of the song.

Not surprisingly, the gameplay is typical of a platformer: climb, descend and jump on all kinds of structures, from platforms moving up the vines and chains strategically placed to be able to propel a mushroom crazy which in turn throws you in -a totally unexpected area level, only to be stabbed in the fatal spiny dorsal plant. True, there is death itself and in each level you have a chance to get an extra life, but checkpoints are not always ideally placed and difficult reluatul sequences from scratch is not very pleasant.

Outside normal levels, there is a kind of an “invasion” of new monsters invaded same levels that should go through quickly. A special room is devoted Challenge-sized challenges that bring you additional earnings in Lums to unlock more skins. Another interesting way is Kung Foot, where players must give empty goal (doh!) Or just run crazy and to punch each other. Both options are equally fun.

Thus, Rayman Legends proves that the genre still has a place in the gaming world, and even on the PC, not just touch control offered by the Wii U. You need a gamepad and is probably the first time because of this peripheral support simply otherwise lose much of what the game has to offer.

The best thing would be to “attack” with friends or family cooperative (local only, not online), otherwise some levels will give you the feeling that your fingers are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome after a few hours. Plus you and motivation to take it all the way to liberate all blue creatures and collect Lums all-ii, plus fulfillment Challenge sites daily and weekly. Everything for everyone.

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