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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Reviews 2017

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

In my mind I had come to see Sony as a kind of sect whose followers jumped elated to tell me how good some games that had never heard and how these games have made them easy choice in that moment watershed of many Romanian: “I have money to upgrade, Xbox or PS I take?. Today there Uncharted 4, a name that sounds familiar to me from the people above. It’s just for PS4 and we did get it to try to figure out who’s offering stage and Sony and wins so ardent fans. Is good?

For those who do not know what’s the series that or not fled yet to buy the game and somehow choose to spend time looking at what we say, we still long version, from the perspective of someone completely new series Uncharted except that we try to avoid spoilers and we’ll talk about multiplayer in an update soon.

Nathan Drake, a (former) adventurer and treasure hunter, who has decided that he arrived, getting married and sits at his house. Of course, not out (it’s not The Sims). It has a problem, a solution that requires money, hears a treasure and the game begins. The premise is not complicated, but put in motion characters and characters are the strongest part of the game. The idea is that different from most protagonists in other games, Uncharted develops its main character pretty much as the story progresses.

The narrative does not follow a chronological structure (us: you’re the ferry port), stop and enter the appropriate times past scenes (especially for someone new series). The game begins with a scene in which the main character wants to be this story as soon move to an episode from his childhood in an orphanage. There’s not cheap and serves a scene in the style of “oh, what childhood was sad” and are instead allowed to see him in his natural environment, how they react to relatively normal situations, which humanizes.

The game you go through a few scenes in that style before you throw in the middle of the action, so you get to see what happens to these characters interesting. I say characters because it’s not just Nathan. In fact, he’s still always accompanied by one or two friends, who talks constantly, sometimes related stuff they should do, but often petty nonsense and things that make them seem more real. Nathan and his friends seemed to me smart, playful, surprised me and made me laugh very often.

I found myself having that same reaction with the characters throughout the game convinced me how good this thing is Naughty Dog. The point is that the dialogue is well written and it’s impressive how they express it in a way that would not go in a movie or a book. In Uncharted 4 n-you feel that you watch a film, you feel that you’re in a film.

The story combines well with the gameplay. The scene at the orphanage, I was talking about, is used as a tutorial for stealth and climbing (you have to get on the roof to your brother who came to get you out of there and take you into town at night). Another flashback, with an escape from jail, is used to show you how to shoot. Besides, there are cutscenes. No one could tell where it ends and where the original gameplay starts, but that in a good way (unlike Tomb Raider). Scenes were so well built, separate climbing and shot, as I stood watching them, trying to figure out why my character does nothing, then panicked to realize that responding to controller input.

Another thing that surprised me in some cutscene sites was that pause the game and I let me choose what I wanted to give response. Any game should include the times that like. However, once you realize that you play and not watch a movie, do you concede that three things basically:’re climbing, kill the world (as any self-respecting game) and solve puzzles.

What’s interesting is that you have no interface elements on the screen. If you look at something, you appear to be button-clicked, depending on the situation, but both. I understand why they chose to do so (the game is very nice), but there were moments where I was disoriented and had no option to ask people around me to show me where to go once.

The animations for various actions natural pass from one to another and lead to exciting fight scenes, where you get to grips with the enemy and try to snatch weapons from hands like a cutscene, but it’s not.

Movements of the characters have weight that you would expect, quite sinister enemies dance when showered with bullets and death fall depending on the speed and the direction they had, and the angle of pull and the impact of the bullets. All this is possible because the game is pretty good physical elements made from windswept collar and rope dangling from the waist, the sandbags that shrinks when drill.

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